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 Enchant skill guild

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PostSubject: Enchant skill guild   Thu Jul 12, 2007 5:21 pm

The following NPCs perform all skills enchant ments.
Seek the one that matches your tribe and occupation.

Sedrick's Training Hall in Aden Castle Town
Master Aiken, Master Sinden

Einhesad Temple in Oren Castle Town
Priest Vadin, Priest Egnos

Ivory Tower of Oren
Magister Marina, Magister Joan, Magister Ladd

Hardin's Academy
Master Galadrid, Magister Anastasia, Dark Knigh Mordred, Lich King Akron

Fighters Guild in Hunters Village
Master Aren Athebaldt, Master Stedmiel

Fighters Guild in Rune Castle Town
Prefect Tazki

Sage's Library in Rune Castle Town
Seer Mekara

Blacksmith's Shop in Rune Castle Town
Blacksmitch Vincez

Warehouse in Rune Castle Town
Warehouse Keeper Hugin, Warehouse Keeper Durin, Warehouse Keeper Lunin, Warehouse Frieghtman Daisy
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Enchant skill guild
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