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 L2MemoriesPvP IL x500. Mutant Substack (1+1). Opened since 1

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PostSubject: L2MemoriesPvP IL x500. Mutant Substack (1+1). Opened since 1   Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:16 pm

Hello friends, i wanna introduce you to a great server i've played ( and i still do play ). It's balanced and got friendly gms/adm. Also they're online everyday!

1. You can add one substack from any race/class (Mutant-Substack 1+1). Cancel substack is possible.
2. Subitem in inventory on the start.
3. Hot springs area changed to farm zone with gold bars/top ls (teleport via command: .farm1 ).Primavel Isle pvp zone (teleport via command .pvp1 )
4. S-grade items in shop for adena (except: custom Apella Sets that drop from Anakim/Lilith, custom Dynasty Sets and custom Boss Weapons that drop with 5-10% chance from Grand Bosses)
6. Normal Enchants (up to s-grade) for adena (66% chance up to +20, 33% chance on 21-25)
Blessed enchants (a/s-grade) for gold bars/Noblesse gate passes. (80% chance up to +20, 33% chance on 21-25)
Crystal scrols (a/s-grade) only from donation. (100% chance up to +25)
7. Epic Jewels available also for gold bars.
8. Max enchant up to +25. (safe+3)
9. Added custom Dynasty set. You can obtain dynasty by upgrading normal S-grade set for souls earned from special custom RB
10. Added few Special RBs - Lewiathan, Lucifer, Archangels, Customized Anakim and Lilith. Also in every Castle & siegeable CH there is one custom RB - only for castle/ch owners.
11. NPC buffer with all 2nd class buffs.
12. 2nd class buffs/songs/dances have 1h duration time. Changed effects of Vop/Cov/Pow/Powi/Pof, also all 3rd class buffs/songs/dances & summon-buffs have 10min duration
13. Mana potions in shop (reg-mp-over-time)
15. Combat haste potions from raids.
16. You can switch substack on any stats you want, however you can join Olympiad only on main class stats.
17. Unlimited buff slots.
18. Auto-learn skills.
19. Class manager - change class for adena.
20. RB manager - info about raids.
21. New heroes every 1 week.
22. Auto-pickup from mobs/ No auto-pick up from RB/Epics
23. 1x Rebirth - custom selfbuff skill as reward
24. Gold bars dropable from RB's/Epics and Hot springs mobs.
25. A lot of customized and balanced skills, that makes the PvP more attractive, longer and unpredictable.
26. Dualbox allowed.
27. Nobless potion for 25 gold bars.
28. Olympiad 18:00-24:00 gmt+1.
29. Auto-Events (TvT,DM,CTF) before and after Olympiad.
30. Many GM-Events.

Rates x50:
-RateXp = 50
-RateSp = 50
-PartyExpRate = 55
-RateDropAdena = 75
-RateDropItems = 1
-RateDropSealStones = 50
-RateDropSpoil = 10
-RateDropQuest = 6
-RateQuestsReward = 4

Rates x500:
-ExpRate = 500
-AdenaRate = 750
-DropRate = 3

web : l2memories . co . cc
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L2MemoriesPvP IL x500. Mutant Substack (1+1). Opened since 1
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